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A tribute to Dr. Goh Kheng Swee
Sunday, May 23, 2010

I felt it's an honored obligation, for a young Singaporean like me who is fortunate enough to enjoy the fruits of Singapore's success, to personally pay respects to one of our greatest founding fathers, late Dr. Goh Kheng Swee.

And so, I went to the Parliament House yesterday.

Here, I express my deepest gratitude to Dr. Goh, for transforming an underdeveloped Singapore into a present prosperous country, for fostering economic stability and peace in times of turbulence, for inspiring me to stand firm on my justifiable beliefs and values against superiority, like how he challenged then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew's decisions during the nation-building years.

Dr. Goh, the significant achievements you have made in the finance, defence, education, recreation and many other aspects of Singapore have been and will always be fondly appreciated by generations and generations of Singaporeans, years after.

May Dr. Goh rest in peace.

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Our best Gift to children
Thursday, March 18, 2010

Whenever I'm at family shows watching parents and their children coming forth to enjoy performance, I always feel this simple bliss and happiness lingering within me.

It's always heartening to see the scenes where parents, clad in their working attires, hold on to their darlings' hands and stroll into the arena. This demonstrates that they are putting in effort by rushing to the show venue after work, with the sweet intention to help their children create this part of childhood memory, no matter how busy they are.

I saw little girls dressed in Cinderella and Snow White costumes, and couldn't help but wonder how my girl will look like if I doll her up similarly in future.

I saw a little boy playing animatedly with a fake but shiny Toy Story-robot hand fixed onto his right hand, and couldn't help but wonder how my boy will look like if I play those gadgets and indulge in masculine role-playing games with him in future.

As I watched the kids' reactions as their eyes stayed glued to the vibrancy on stage, I pondered about parenting.

Then I realised.

The best gift we can give to children is a carefree childhood with respect and enough room to imagine, create, fail, get up and succeed. The moment a child enters the world, he/she is literally on his/her own. The role of parents is to provide him/her with the basic necessities - food, shelter, education and correct moral values.

Other than that, the child should have the right to be given the chance to think independently, make his/her own decisions and bear with the consequences. Of course, parents have to serve the guiding role by analysing the possible scenarios with the child, acting as a facilitator, not a manipulator who over-impose his/her opinions (regardless of how accurate it is) onto the child.

A manipulated life deprived of the privilege to make choices for him/herself and learn by experience is a life no better than a pet. Philosopher Immanuel Kant once said that the differences between human as rational beings and animals are autonomy and humanity, the "ability to dictate their own actions by means of reason, absent of the duress of outside influence". Pampering the child by deciding his/her path ahead on behalf of him/her in the name of "for his/her own good" may allow the child to live comfortably, but it ultimately underestimates the child's humanity and robs the child's autonomy to take full responsibility of his/her life. That, is a sad and sympathetic life.

After all, wild plants grow healthier and taller in natural environments, while wild animals get to increase their chance of survival by improving on preying techniques. Try throwing a tamed animal, raised in comfortable settings, into the wild and see what happens next. The answer is obvious.

The excitement of life is about venturing into sensible areas we are personally truly interested in, striving to succeed, struggling to cope with challenges and failures, learning from mistakes and savouring the fruits of success.

Give our children their rightfully-gained quality of life by showing respect to the decisions they make and giving them enough room to grow their potential. Never threaten them into accepting a life that is built upon our own opinions.

Although they are our children, they inherit half of our genes (and half from our spouses), it is never necessary that they have to be like us. :)

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When she saw them being forced apart
Her face crumpled
Her tears dropped
Her heart felt the immense stabbing pain

那么 痛

Along with the butterflies
She flew.

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Monday, March 1, 2010



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Heart wall
Sunday, February 28, 2010

Heart wall

Alone, overlooking the azure ocean and cerulean sky
Fades the touch of grey
residing deep in my heart

As dolphins leap in front of my eyes
I catch a glimpse of the most splendid smile on a face
Good old times are meant to be cherished
because they spell finite

Within your heart, lies a wall
But I discover a window that, occasionally,
reveals a trace of warm twilight

And despite the daunting heart wall
My love will still climb up on the window
and bloom gorgeously

Open the window, and you'll behold
sadness that melts into bliss

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Happy Valentine's 2010 (I)
Saturday, February 13, 2010








Happy Valentine's.

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The touching note that wet my eyes while reading.

Republished with the permission of this very loved, blissful and fortunate friend.

Love is in the air. Happy Valentine's! :)


My boyfriend.

The boy who drives me home from work when I knock off late.
The boy who complains I’m like a kid but is secretly loving it.
The boy who bullies me like crazy and expects me to feel loved about it.
The boy who replies to my sms when I called him hilang and Dalang.
The boy who covers me with blanket when I’ve fallen asleep.
The boy who was there for me when I’m at my lowest.
The boy who can read my mind, totally.
The boy who makes me smile before I gradually fall asleep every night.
The boy who gives me a hundred and one funny nicknames.
The boy who bears with my nonsense and over-sensitivity.
The boy who protects my fragile little heart.
The boy who lets me hide in his arms.
The boy whom I can talk about fashion to.
The boy who kisses me on the forehead in the very 偶像剧 way.
The boy who learns how to sing just for me.
The boy who became a foodie and glutton in my bad influence.
The boy who made me lose focus when I’m studying.
The boy who makes the simplest activity seems so enjoyable.
The boy who holds my hand when crossing a road without pedestrian crossing.
The boy who actually enjoys playing with my hair.
The boy who squeezes my fats and laugh at them.
The boy who puts food onto my plate, even during dinner at home.
The boy who puts his hand over the armrest in the cinema to let me hold onto him.
The boy who spends lazy weekends with me just watching tv at home.
The boy who loves desserts as much as I do.
The boy who sends me good morning sms almost every morning.
The boy who downloads the most idiot proof games on iphone for me just because I’m so bad in electronic games.
The boy who challenges me in, erm.. cooking mama.
The boy who says “I love you” to me every day, no matter what.
The boy who waits for me to finish my work at night to sleep together.
The boy who rubs my tummy when I’m having a tummyache.
The boy who will say “I’m missing you already” when we just met a moment ago.
The boy who carries me and throw me onto the bed. :(
The boy who does and says the silliest stuff. I mean, really silly stuff.
The boy who dries my hair with a towel for me.
The boy who will 斗嘴 with me.
The boy who comes over to my place during study period for just 5 minutes, just to surprise and motivate me.
The boy who will look at me and smile over nothing.

The boy whom I wanna grow old with.
The boy who made me fall in love again, and again.

Happy valentine’s day, dear.

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